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Surety bonds have long been used by various regulators before a company or individual can become licensed or begin a task. With Jet, you can purchase your bond in minutes. Start saving on your bond now.

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Georgia Surety Bond

Bond Categories

Fidelity Bonds are needed for various business types including cleaning and janitorial services, financial institutions, and businesses offering employee benefit plans.

Are you a contractor hiring union laborers? While those skilled workers come with benefits you are sure to run into some red tape with the union. One stepping stone that may pop up (and why you are here) is a Union Bond Requirement.

Court Bonds are required on a county level for plaintiffs and defendants in all 50 states going through certain processes such as an appeal or replevin. Replevin bonds, appeal bonds, and lien bonds are examples of court bonds.

Probate Bonds, also referred to as Fiduciary Bonds, are required by county courts throughout the United States for someone acting on behalf of another either for financial or medical reasons. These can be for administrators or executors, conservators or guardians, and trustees.

Agriculture Bonds are required in some way by all 50 states and are used to help enforce safe and efficient guidelines for selling, purchasing, and storing livestock and non-animal product.

Construction Bonds are required on a state, county, and city level and each tier comes with its own set of regulations. These can be for all types of contractors citing maintenance, performance, compliance, and license and permit.

State Bond Information

In Georgia, over 150 different surety bonds are required for various businesses and individuals. Jet services everybody from used auto dealers to public adjusters and even contractors down in Thomas County!

Regulatory agencies enforce surety bonds to ensure the financial well-being of Georgia's people and resources. Surety bonds are a means of restitution for those that incur financial damage due to a bondholder's negligent or fraudulent actions. For example, suppose a Georgia motor vehicle dealer fails to deliver a vehicle's clean title to their customer. In that case, the customer can file a claim on the dealer's surety bond to receive appropriate compensation for any financial damages suffered up to the bond limit. Read more about Surety Bond Claims.

Securing a surety bond in Georgia has been simplified by Jet. We have a thorough database of all bonds that are needed in Georgia, their requirements, and how to properly file them. Our application and purchase process has been streamlined so you can get the bond in minutes and have it delivered on time to the entity requiring the bond from you.

It helps to have eliminated middlemen agents and brokers. By going with Jet, you gain access to monthly rates and can avoid fees and markups that are typical with traditional brokers and agents.

Jet is approved to issue surety bonds in Georgia (Certificate of Authority #2019025).

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