Missouri Surety Bonds

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Missouri Surety Bonds

Bond Categories

Fidelity Bonds are sometimes wanted by specific business types such as cleaning and janitorial services, financial institutions, and businesses offering employee benefit plans as an added layer of protection.

A Union Bond (Wage and Welfare Bond) may be required if you are looking to hire union laborers. This guarantees payment is delivered to laborers in a timely manner.

Court Bonds for plaintiffs and defendants going through certain court processes may need a bond. Replevin bonds, appeal bonds, and lien bonds are examples of court bonds.

Probate Bonds may be required for someone acting on behalf of another for financial and/or medical reasons. These can be for administrators or executors, conservators or guardians, and trustees.

State Bond Information

With over 200 surety bond requirements in Missouri, let Jet streamline the process for you. Our database has it all, from grain dealers to pipefitters and everything in between.

Surety bonds serve to protect the public from fraudulent and negligent behavior committed by someone they are doing business with. At Jet, we provide the surety bond as a guarantee that compensation is available should a principal (bondholder) fail to uphold their responsibilities. Let's take for example a motor vehicle dealer. Failing to deliver a valid title with a vehicle sale is illegal, and the customer who purchased the vehicle has the right to file a surety bond claim to be reimbursed for any financial loss they have accrued as a result. Our Surety Bond Claims Guide lays out the bond claim process and how to avoid claims.

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Jet is approved to issue surety bonds in Missouri (NAIC #16379).

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